Flame Proof Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Chemical Industry

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Model No. HYDRA 7 FL with HEPA filter

Industrial Heavy Duty Flame Proof Vacuum Cleaners 

Dynavac® Industrial Heavy Duty Flame Proof Vacuum Cleaners are made for use in production facilities where the unstable hazardous material may be used. The  Nova®FL series is specifically designed to pick up dry hazardous dust & Hydra®FL series are specifically designed to pick up wet & dry hazardous dust in hostile environments. The features of these machines are:

  1. All electrical parts are flameproof
  2. Filter, hose, and wheels are antistatic
  3. Sealing material (Leak arrestors) is antistatic silicon


  •      Heavy duty – continuous operation
  •      Large volume waste storage tank
  •      Design developed so they can be attached to process machines or for general cleanup
  •      Continuous duty 3-phase flame proof motor (EX-D Class, Zone 1A-2A)
  •      Dry and Wet & Dry use depending on the model
  •      Stainless steel construction (Optional)
  •      Unit has a small footprint and can be easily maneuvered
  •      Flameproof push button starter (FCG)
  •      Fire resistant polyfab cable
  •      Fire resistant polyfab cable


Our customer is one of the largest manufacturers of starch and starch derivatives with more than 35 products like maize starch powder, liquid glucose, dextrose syrup etc. Our customer is facing the problem of starch powder spillage all over the shop floor.  They were cleaning the shop floor using a sweeping broom, which was generating smoke that in turn affected the workers nearby. Dynavac® was asked to recommend a solution.


Dynavac® initially ascertained that the dust was explosive in nature. Hence we had to recommend an industrial vacuum cleaner which would not emit any sparks. We recommended an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Model No. HYDRA 7 FL with HEPA filter which has a ATEX Certified flame proof motor. We had also fitted the vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, so as to collect the very fine starch dust from the floor and keep our customers working environment neat and tidy.

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Downdraft table with integrated dust collector for pharma industry packaging requirement


Quality issues were arising at a pharmaceutical customers’ site due to dust spray while opening carton boxes which contained syringes.


After the detailed discussion with the customer, Dynavac® provided a Stainless Steel Downdraft Table with integrated Dust Collector (model DDT20 SS) to collect the fly dust which was being sprayed during opening of carton boxes. The customer will now place the carton box on the Downdraft Table and the dust arising while opening the carton box will get sucked downwards into the downdraft table gratings and get collected inside the integrated dust collector.  This way, there is no dust spray and the customers requirement for a clean, dust free environment are met.

Cartridge FilterDust Collector System for Surgical Needle Manufacturing


Our customer is one of the largest manufacturers of surgical needles in the country. They were installing 21 new plating and grinding machines. The dust generated during this process would be very fine powder of stainless steel. They wanted all the dust to be captured to eliminate dust contamination.


After detailed study of their application and discussions with the customer, it was decided that Dynavac® would provide a single centralised cartridge filter dust collector system fitted to a20HP centrifugal fan. Capture hoods and ducting from the production machines up to the dust collector were provided to capture and move the fly dust generated during platingand grinding operations.Our solution helped the customer achieve a dust free environment.

Dust Collector in Activated Carbon Production Facility


Our customer had installed a new production line for activated carbon. During loading, mixing and packing operations, there was a lot of fly carbon dust. Customer wanted to capture this dust as it is very valuable and can be reused. This would also ensure a cleaner environment for the factory workers.


Dynavac® ascertained that the quantity of dust being generated was approximately 5 Kg per day. Dust was being generated in 4 points. Dynavac® supplied baghouse dust collector model MB25PJ20 connecting all the four points usingmild steel ducting and capture hoods. Commissioning was successfully completed.

Portable Dust Collector with Downdraft Table for Aluminium Casting Industry

Dust Collector with Downdraft Table for Aluminium Casting Industry 1


The customer asked Dynavac® to provide a solution to capture aluminium fly dust from their linishing machines. During linishing, very fine aluminium dust was generated and settled all over the work area creating quality problems for the customer.

The linishing equipment being used were two belt grinding machines.


After observation and sampling, Dynavac® concluded that the  dust quantity generated in 1×8 hour shift was approximately 2 Kg. We decided that one portable dust collector would be sufficient to collect this quantity of dust. The model DC SQ 3 PJ C4 was chosen. Now, how do we capture the dust at the source? After studying the belt grinding activity and mapping the dust spray, we decided that providing a down draft table would work best. We custom designed a downdraft table with the size 3 x 1 x 2.1 (L x B x H) in Meters for this specific activity.

Botht the grinding machines were placed on the downdraft table. The downdraft table was in turn attached to the portable dust collector. This dust collector had 4 x cartridge filters built into it to capture the aluminium dust collected via the downdraft table. It is also equipped with an online filter cleaning mechanism using compressed air so there will be no stoppage during production.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with ‘In-Built’ Compressor for Gypsum Board Manufacturing Plant


Gypsum powder is spread all over the factory due to multiple production processes. Almost 15 Kgs of dust is deposited on the factory floor as well as in-and-around the control panel during the course of a day. The gypsum dust is very fine, the filter will continuously get clogged.  Automatic cleaning of filter was required by the customer but compressed air was not available in the facility. The customer requested Dynavac® to help come up with a solution to collect this dust.


Dynavac® has developed a new model of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners specifically to solve this problem. The Hydra 7 PJC industrial vacuum cleaner comes with automatic pulse jet cleaning to clean the filters. It also has an ‘in-built’ compressor to provide the compressed air required for the pulse jet to work. Dynavac® latest advanced design has a mini single cylinder piston compressor of 0.2 HP in-built into the industrial vacuum cleaner making it a self sufficient machine. Dynavac® supplied this heavy duty vacuum cleaner with multiple suction points. The larger suction opening with a diameter of 75mm is used to clean the floor and the second opening with a diameter of 30 mm is used to clean the control panel.

Dust Collection System for Electrical Conductor Plant


Dust is being generated at 3 different location of the plant by various manufacturing processes such as cutting, grinding, buffing, soldering etc. There are a total of 27 different processing machines which are producing the dust. The total dust being generated across all the machines on a daily basis is 10 Kg

  1. 13 numbers of machines should be connected to one dust collector.
  2. 8 number of machine should be connected to one dust collector.
  3. 6 number of machines to be connected with one dust collector.
  4. Anticipated dust quantity of all the machine is approximately 10 kg per day.


After detailed discussions with the customer, it was decided that we would supply 3 different dust collector systems for each of the 3 location at the manufacturing plant where dust was being generated.

Dust collector system modelDC3SQPJC2 was supplied for the first location and connected to 6 processing machines.

Dust collector system model DC5LFPJF4 was supplied for the first location and connected to 8 processing machines.

Dust collector system model DC7LFPJF4 was supplied for the first location and connected to 13 processing machines.

Cyclone Dust Collector for Charcoal Testing Lab


Fly dust being produced in charcoal testing lab during mixing and testing.The bulk density of the charcoal is 800kg/m3. The product is loaded at a rate of 10 kg/minute. The dust quantity generated is around 2 kg per day.


Dynavac® provided a cyclone dust collector with a filter unit. The cyclone dust collector is fitted with a 7.5 hp blower. The dust collection system is connected to a dust capturing hood through a flexible hose.

Flame Proof Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Polyester Manufacturing Plant


There is a lot of raw material spillage during polyester processing. The polyester processing machine also needs to be cleaned after every shift.


Due to the nature of polyester and customer site specific requirements, Dynavac®provided the Hydra 5 SSFL machine. This industrial heavy duty vacuum cleaners is made with stainless steel and has a 5 HP flame proof motor. The power cables were copper flexible cable with double seal insulation.