Dust Collection System for Electrical Conductor Plant


Dust is being generated at 3 different location of the plant by various manufacturing processes such as cutting, grinding, buffing, soldering etc. There are a total of 27 different processing machines which are producing the dust. The total dust being generated across all the machines on a daily basis is 10 Kg

  1. 13 numbers of machines should be connected to one dust collector.
  2. 8 number of machine should be connected to one dust collector.
  3. 6 number of machines to be connected with one dust collector.
  4. Anticipated dust quantity of all the machine is approximately 10 kg per day.


After detailed discussions with the customer, it was decided that we would supply 3 different dust collector systems for each of the 3 location at the manufacturing plant where dust was being generated.

Dust collector system modelDC3SQPJC2 was supplied for the first location and connected to 6 processing machines.

Dust collector system model DC5LFPJF4 was supplied for the first location and connected to 8 processing machines.

Dust collector system model DC7LFPJF4 was supplied for the first location and connected to 13 processing machines.

Cyclone Dust Collector for Charcoal Testing Lab


Fly dust being produced in charcoal testing lab during mixing and testing.The bulk density of the charcoal is 800kg/m3. The product is loaded at a rate of 10 kg/minute. The dust quantity generated is around 2 kg per day.


Dynavac® provided a cyclone dust collector with a filter unit. The cyclone dust collector is fitted with a 7.5 hp blower. The dust collection system is connected to a dust capturing hood through a flexible hose.

Flame Proof Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Polyester Manufacturing Plant


There is a lot of raw material spillage during polyester processing. The polyester processing machine also needs to be cleaned after every shift.


Due to the nature of polyester and customer site specific requirements, Dynavac®provided the Hydra 5 SSFL machine. This industrial heavy duty vacuum cleaners is made with stainless steel and has a 5 HP flame proof motor. The power cables were copper flexible cable with double seal insulation.

Compact Mounted Dust Collector for Silo Exhaust


Fine powder dust is generated during pneumatic loading of the silo. The capacity of the silo is 3500 Kg and about 5 Kg of dust is being produced per day.


Dynavac® provided a silo mounted filter unit with automatic pulse jet cleaning which could be located on the top of silo exhaust. The dust is collected and dropped back into the silo directly.

Dust Collection System for WoodProcessing Plant


Wood dust being generated during carpentry operations at a wood processing plant affecting the atmosphere in the plant and the health of workers. As the customer does not necessarily operate all wood processing machines at the same time, individual wood dust collectors are required for each wood working machine.


Dynavac® has provided 4 wood dust extraction systems (model no. DCW5F2). Each of these wood dust collecter systems are connected tothe wood processing machines with 3 ducts, each duct having a diameter of 100 mm.

We also provided another wood dust collector DCW10F4, to connect to another wood working machine. Here too 3 ducts are connected from the dust extraction system to the wood processing machine, however the duct diameter is 150 mm.

All the dust collection systems are connected to the wood processing machine through Polyurethane (PU) duct hoses.

Dust Collection System for Coffee Packing Plant


Instant coffee powder fly dust being generated during filling operation at 4 different points in the coffee packing machine. 5 Kg of fine instant coffee fly dust being generated per day which needs to be captured.


We have provided a large filteration dust collection system (model DC7LFPJF9BS) with inbuilt baffle separator. Four canopy hoods are placed in the different parts of the packing machine where the fly dust is being generated. The hoods are connected to the dust extraction system through ducts.

Factors to consider when choosing an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for your requirements

You are the floor supervisor at your factory. You need an industrial vacuum cleaner for a particular application. You have never used one before, how do you pick the right one for your requirement? You ‘Google’ industrial vacuum cleaner and get a good number of links for manufacturers. But your battle is not over, there are confusing model names and different sizes being offered. Where do you begin? Picking an industrial vacuum cleaner is not as simple as buying one for your home. There are a lot more factors to consider. We have put together a short list of site-specific factors that you need to know. If you convey this to the manufacturer or supplier, they will be able to recommend the correct model for your requirement.

Power Factor of an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Do you need the industrial vacuum cleaner to operate non-stop? If yes, you need a 3-phase machine. If intermittent use is sufficient, a single-phase machine will do. 3 phase machines are used in heavy duty applications.

Industrial Wet & Dry Waste Materials

What kind of material do you need to be picked up? If its only dry dust, there are dry dust pick up machines. These cannot be used to pick up liquids. But if you need a multi-purpose machine, which can also pick up liquids, you need a wet & dry industrial vacuum cleaner.

Quantity of dusts – Large Storage Capacity Cleaner

How much dust do you need picked up? If there is a large volume of dust being generated in a short amount of time, you will need an industrial vacuum cleaner with a large storage drum. Manufacturers will usually display the collection capacity in liters. You may also pick a machine with higher airflow, which the manufacturer will display in m3/hr. The higher the airflow, the quicker the pick up of dust. Care must also be taken to make sure the vacuum is sufficient to pick up the dust. Again, your supplier will be able to guide you on this.

Vast Industrial Areas to be cleaned

How wide an area do you need to be cleaned? How good is the floor? Be sure to specify this to your supplier so he can give you a machine with a sturdy frame and easy movement wheels if necessary.

Different type of industrial dusts

You will have to specify to your supplier what dust or different types of dust you want to pick up. This is important to suit the model with sufficient vacuum usually measured in mm of H2O for your specific needs. If you get a model with insufficient vacuum, your cleaning task will not be completed. And if the vacuum is too high, that means you have purchased a more expensive model and are spending more money on energy cost.

Explosive materials – Use Cleaner with Flameproof Blowers

Is your dust explosive in nature? Explosion proof vacuum cleaners are available which are fitted with anti-static dust bags and flameproof blowers.

Dust Filtration

When you specify the kind of dust you want to pick up, your supplier will be able to tell you what filter media you need. For most dust, micro filtration is sufficient. However, for very fine dust or for clean room applications HEPA filter is recommended.

Dust Collector at Steel Plant


To collect the fine steel dust produced by 8 Grid blasting machines.


We provided a cartridge type dust collector model MB 20 PJ 120. Galvanized ducting were provided and supported with Grip Well hangers to collect the dust produced in the Grid Blasting Machines. Variable Frequency Drive(VFD) was provided to control the frequency and save power if any of the blasting machines were not in process.

Downdraft Table for Automobile Manufacturer


One of our clients wanted to capture fly dust generated during manual de-burring, filling, grinding and buffing processes on engine components. A pollution free factory environment and worker health were of prime importance to them.


Dynavac supplied downdraft table with capability for 6 people to work alongside and across from each other, attached to a DC 7 LF PJ model dust collector.

For safety reasons, the following were also provided:

Duct temperature sensor

Fire damper

Explosion membrane