Fume Extractors

Dynavac® manufactures a range of Fume Extractors to match the volume of fume/smoke that needs to be removed. Smoke during welding and other production processes flows in unexpected directions due to a variety of factors. Today, work related respiratory illnesses are increasing which results in lost work time as well as higher compensation costs for employers and numerous health related illnesses for employees.

Dynavac® Fume Extractors are portable systems designed for capturing and filtration of welding fumes in confined and other hard to reach spaces. Our fume extraction system offers reliable performance, quiet operation, optimal flow rates and adjustable self-supporting flexible extraction arms.

Dynavac fume extraction systems consist of three basic parts: a capture point where fumes are captured, an airflow source to pull fumes through the system, and a filter system to remove the pollutants.


The most efficient fume extraction systems remove the fumes as close as possible to their source. The best way to accomplish this is always dictated by the type of work being done:
For tasks involving a small work area, such as hand soldering, the collection point can be situated extremely close to the source of the fumes, almost at the tip of the soldering iron. This is called Tip Extraction.
For tasks that involve a larger working area, a higher volume fume extraction method must be used, consisting of hood or nozzle situated over the source of the fumes. This is called Volume Extraction.


The airflow source for Dynavac fume extractors are centrifugal blowers. These blowers provide the required vacuum and airflow to draw the unhealthy fumes through the filtration system and exhaust the clean air.


Depending on the type of application,our fume extraction system uses specially designed cartridge filter(s). These filters intake the fume and post filtration exhaust clean air.

Dynavac fume extractors are source capture fume extractors. General applications include MIG welding, TIG welding, stainless steel pipe welding, spot welding, brazing, and more.

  • Cleaner work environment: Reduces fumes and particulate making the workplace a healthier environment for the operator
  • Dynavac fume extractors’ come with a cleanable.These filters can be cleaned with dry compressed air.
  • Low noise level.
  • The fume extraction system is supplied along with an articulated arm, which is flexible and enables optimum source capture of fumes.
  • Highly portable: These machines are light and mobile, easy to move around.
  • Low maintenance: Quick disassembly for cleaning and maintenance. Easy to access filter for cleaning.
  • Economical to operate: Reduced energy consumption.

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