Flame Proof Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Chemical Industry

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Model No. HYDRA 7 FL with HEPA filter

Industrial Heavy Duty Flame Proof Vacuum Cleaners 

Dynavac® Industrial Heavy Duty Flame Proof Vacuum Cleaners are made for use in production facilities where the unstable hazardous material may be used. The  Nova®FL series is specifically designed to pick up dry hazardous dust & Hydra®FL series are specifically designed to pick up wet & dry hazardous dust in hostile environments. The features of these machines are:

  1. All electrical parts are flameproof
  2. Filter, hose, and wheels are antistatic
  3. Sealing material (Leak arrestors) is antistatic silicon


  •      Heavy duty – continuous operation
  •      Large volume waste storage tank
  •      Design developed so they can be attached to process machines or for general cleanup
  •      Continuous duty 3-phase flame proof motor (EX-D Class, Zone 1A-2A)
  •      Dry and Wet & Dry use depending on the model
  •      Stainless steel construction (Optional)
  •      Unit has a small footprint and can be easily maneuvered
  •      Flameproof push button starter (FCG)
  •      Fire resistant polyfab cable
  •      Fire resistant polyfab cable


Our customer is one of the largest manufacturers of starch and starch derivatives with more than 35 products like maize starch powder, liquid glucose, dextrose syrup etc. Our customer is facing the problem of starch powder spillage all over the shop floor.  They were cleaning the shop floor using a sweeping broom, which was generating smoke that in turn affected the workers nearby. Dynavac® was asked to recommend a solution.


Dynavac® initially ascertained that the dust was explosive in nature. Hence we had to recommend an industrial vacuum cleaner which would not emit any sparks. We recommended an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Model No. HYDRA 7 FL with HEPA filter which has a ATEX Certified flame proof motor. We had also fitted the vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, so as to collect the very fine starch dust from the floor and keep our customers working environment neat and tidy.

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