Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with ‘In-Built’ Compressor for Gypsum Board Manufacturing Plant


Gypsum powder is spread all over the factory due to multiple production processes. Almost 15 Kgs of dust is deposited on the factory floor as well as in-and-around the control panel during the course of a day. The gypsum dust is very fine, the filter will continuously get clogged.  Automatic cleaning of filter was required by the customer but compressed air was not available in the facility. The customer requested Dynavac® to help come up with a solution to collect this dust.


Dynavac® has developed a new model of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners specifically to solve this problem. The Hydra 7 PJC industrial vacuum cleaner comes with automatic pulse jet cleaning to clean the filters. It also has an ‘in-built’ compressor to provide the compressed air required for the pulse jet to work. Dynavac® latest advanced design has a mini single cylinder piston compressor of 0.2 HP in-built into the industrial vacuum cleaner making it a self sufficient machine. Dynavac® supplied this heavy duty vacuum cleaner with multiple suction points. The larger suction opening with a diameter of 75mm is used to clean the floor and the second opening with a diameter of 30 mm is used to clean the control panel.