Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Dynavac® manufactures commercial grade vacuum cleaners as well as heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners. The Pro Vacuum Cleaners are the Prime series of machines. The Nova series and Hydra series of machines are industrial vacuum cleaners. A Dynavac® representative will be more than happy to help you pick the right vacuum cleaner for your requirements. However to help you understand the various factors that go into picking the right machine for your requirements, there is a short write up below.










Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for your requirements

Quantity of dust

If a large volume of dust needs to be cleaned, you need to consider the storage capacity of the vacuum cleaner tank and how often you will be able to empty it. Consider what size of storage drum will make the most sense for the person using the vacuum. What size is manageable? Another factor to consider is the airflow of the vacuum cleaner, usually measured in m3/hr. Higher airflow translates to quicker pick up of dust which is necessary when there is a larger quantity of dust to be picked up. Sometimes an additional storage tanks called pre-separators are provided as an extra add on for bulk collection of dust.

Area to be cleaned

If a very large factory floor needs to be cleaned, there are some important factors to consider. Depending on the volume of dust which needs to be picked up, you could choose to buy multiple smaller size machines for localized area pick up. Or you could buy a large machine with a sturdy frame and solid wheel for easy movement over larger spaces.

Power availability – Single vsThree phase

Generally machines, which run on single-phase electricity, are only suitable for intermittent use and are called Professional Vacuum Cleaners. Three phase machines are suitable for continuous, non-stop operation and are called Industrial Vacuum Cleaners because of their heavy-duty requirements.


If you need to pick up both dry dust as well as liquid spillage, you will need to get a wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaner. Professional single phase vacuum cleaners are usually available only in wet & dry models but the industrial three phase machines come as either exclusively dry dust pick up machines or models which pick up both liquids and dry dust.

Weight of dust particle

The heavier the dust particle, the higher the vacuum of your machine needs to be. Vacuum is measure in Mbar or mm of H20. Your vacuum cleaner provider should be able to guide you regarding what capacity machine (measured in HP or kW) you need to remove your particular dust.


If the dust is explosive in nature, be sure you specify this to your vacuum cleaner supplier. Explosion proof vacuum cleaners are available. Anti static dust bags along with flame proof blowers are provided.


Depending on the size of your dust particle, you will need to choose what filter media you need. For most dust, micro filtration is sufficient. However, for very fine dust or for clean room applications HEPA filter is always recommended.

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