Prime® Commercial Single Phase Vacuum Cleaners

Dynavac® Prime Series commercial single phase vacuum cleaners are designed to pick up both wet and dry waste. They are built to operate on single-phase electricity and are widely used in industrial settings as well as commercial establishments by professional cleaners.

The Prime Series wet and dry single phase vacuum cleaners are built light to enable easy movement. They have a stainless steel body with collection capacity ranging from 30 litres to 80 litres.The Prime Series machines are very versatile and are used for a wide range of applications. These single phase vacuum cleaners come with a standard set of accessories for use in multiple cleaning applications.

The major components of the Prime Series single phase vacuum cleaners are the motors, the filter and collection tank.

Suction is provided by using carbon brush motors operated by independent switches and placed inside a plastic shock-proof casing which is resistant to chemicals and high temperatures and reduces the noise level. Depending on the model, there may be 1, 2 or 3 motors. Powerful Ametek vacuum motors with double insulation and independent cooling system are used. These motors come with inbuilt thermostat which will stop operation when temperature reached 105 C, thereby providing maximum protection and ensuring long life.

The Prime Series commercial single phase vacuum cleaners come fitted with a fabric filter. The fabric filter collects any solid waste and is reusable. The filter will need to be removed when liquid waste is being collected. As an option, HEPA filter can also be provided on certain models.

The tank is built with stainless steel and has capacities ranging from 30 to 80 litres. These machines also come with a flexible hose and other cleaning attachments.

Single phase vacuum cleaners operate with a universal motor and can be used for the following applications:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Office room cleaning
  • Panel board cleaning
  • Rack cleaning
  • Car interior cleaning, etc.

Model Name Power (Kw) Maximum Vacuum
(mm H2O)
Airflow (m3/Hr) Collection Capacity (liters) Filter Efficiency Dimension
LxBxH (m)
Prime I 1.2 2200 190 30 M 0.4×0.4×0.8 15.7
Prime II 2 2200 350 70 M 0.6×0.5×0.9 20.8
Prime III 3 2200 380 80 M 0.6×0.5×1.0 21.6

  • Light weight and fitted with wheels
  • High-performance commercial vacuum cleaner for sucking up both wet & dry waste
  • Compact, modular structure with high-quality stainless steel dirt container
  • Single phase, intermittent duty
  • Ideal for general housekeeping, work place maintenance and point of source extraction
  • Fully grounded to protect against static build-up
  • Reusable filter bags
  • Low noise level
  • Easy to operate and handle

Single Phase Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

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