Down Draft Table Dust Collectors

Product Description :

Workers safety and hygiene is one of the important criteria in the manufacturing industry. In processes like grinding, buffing and welding the sparks and smoke produced is irritating and harmful to the operator. Dynavac supplies a unique working table along with filters and blowers on which the operator can do his grinding and welding jobs without getting affected by the sparks and smoke called by the name of Dynavac Downdraft table. The size of the table and power of the Blower used can be modified as per the customers’ requirement. The size of the table is determined by the size of the job and the number of operators who are going to work on the table. With respect to the table size, the power of the blower is determined.

Dynavac Downdraft tables are easy to install and portable which makes it user-friendly. Automatic cleaning systems are provided to make the system maintenance free. The gratings of the machine are designed heavily to withstand the weight of the job and the shocks created by the processing machine. The table consists of tube lights for increasing the worker's visibility and increases the quality of finishing.

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Dynavac® downdraft tables are an all in one combined workbench where source capture and collection of dust is done. The downdraft table draws contaminants away from the worker’s breathing zone without limiting his productivity. The tabletop is slotted to allow dust filled air into the filtration chamber where the dust is captured using cartridge filters. Fine dust and particulate is drawn down through suction provided by a centrifugal blower fan. If online cleaning is required, downdraft tables can be fitted with compressed air pulse jet cleaning. If not, the cartridge filters will need to be cleaned offline on a periodic basis between shifts or as required. Cartridge life is usually shorter when cleaning is not done in a routine manner and may need to be replaced.

  • Dynavac® downdraft tables can be used in a number of applications, and are available in a variety of sizes.
  • Whether you need to capture smoke, dust or fumes, a downdraft table will filter the air in order to eliminate the pollutants.
  • These downdraft tables are the ideal working surfaces for welding, laser, plasma, grinding, deburring, cutting and sandering operations.
ModelPower (KW)Air flow(m3/Hr)Filter Surface Area (m2)Dimension LxBxH(m)Work table size LxB (m)
  • Heavy-duty work surface
  • Large capacity dust drawers
  • Quick-release filter access drawers
  • Powder coated, Scratch-resistant paint that prevents fading and chalking
  • Stainless steel option available
  • Integral blower fan
  • Motor starter(start,stop,cleaning) panel
  • Spark proof, antistatic options available
  • Maintenance free blower
  • The automatic filter cleaning system
  • 1-year warranty

We are committed to helping you keep your Industrial Environment Clean and Safe.