Wet Scrubber

Product Description :

We Dynavac are the leading manufacturer of venturi Wet scrubber in India for various industrial Process applications and also where there are a chance of sparking dust catching fire or creating an explosion. Dynavac Venturi Wet Scrubbers are tailor-made as per the customer's process application to capture the Dust particles, Chemical Fumes, High-temperature fumes, VOCs,  etc., The major part in designing Venturi scrubber for any particular process application is Machine Size, Machine Design, Scrubbing liquid, Material of Construction.  

Venturi scrubber works on the principle of the absorption and venturi effect, where the dirty gas and scrubbing liquid (In general, water is mainly used as a scrubbing liquid for quenching or scrubbing the particles) is made to pass through a confined throat of the venturi where both come in contact so closely and forms a large number of droplets, thereby creating a large area for the dust particles to get absorbed to liquid droplets.

       A typical Venturi Scrubber system incorporates, A scrubbing Chamber with a Venturi throat to facilitate particle collection. A centrifugal fan, Recirculating pump, Jet Flow Spraying System, Mist eliminator pad, and Exhaust Chimney.  

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A venturi scrubber consists of two chambers:

The First Chamber is a Venturi and It consists of three sections: a convergent section with a Jet flow spray nozzle, a throat section, and a divergent section.

The Second Chamber is a Scrubbing Chamber and It Consists of two Sections: An Empty Cylindrical Scrubbing Chamber with a Jet flow Spray Nozzle and Mist Eliminator Pads

The dirty gases/air are passed through the inlet of the Venturi in a vertical direction through the convergent section. Whereas, water containing the washed-away particles and dissolved gases finds an outlet at the bottom of the divergent section.

The liquid will be sprayed by a high-speed jet flow spray nozzle at the intersecting point of the venturi. Then the liquid splatters inside the venturi chamber very effective for handling dust.

Then the partially scrubbed polluted gases are then passed into the Second Chamber through a tangential inlet to create a Cyclone effect.

The liquid is injected into the top neck of the cylinder in this chamber.

Due to the Cyclonic Effect and High Pressurized liquid injection further Particle and gas removal happens here.

The slurry is removed from the bottom of the scrubbing chamber.

The water is again recirculated into the chamber.

Scrubbed gases are passed out through the mist eliminator pad to eliminate carrying-over liquid particles.

  • Venturi Scrubbers are used mainly for handling high-temperature or moisture dust.
  • Overall, the unit size is smaller compared to baghouse dust collectors.
  • 90% utilization of scrubbed water by recirculating it.
  • High-speed spray jet nozzles keep the wet scrubbers always clean
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Dynavac wet Scrubber is tested on various unique parameters by our quality team, assuring its efficiency.
  • Dynavac wet Scrubber helps all processing industries to meet their state environmental standards and PCB regulations.
  • Handle air flow rate from 2000 to 45000 CMH
  • Removal method is Absorption and Venturi Effect
  • Material of Construction: Mild Steel +FRP Coated , SS 304, SS 316
  • Reduces the total liquid consumption by recirculating the liquid.
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Low running and Maintenance cost
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Chemical Processing Facilities
  • Acid Manufacturing Plants
  • Solar Manufacturing Industries
  • Steel Manufacturing Companies
  • Animal Feed/ Nutrients Processing
  • Textile Manufacturing,
  • Mining/Mineral Processing,
  • Printing.
  • Power Plants
  • Pulp and paper industries
  • Corn Processing Facilities,
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Fertilizer production and processing industries
  • Machining and grinding exhaust,
  • Fiberglass & Composite Industries,
  • Utility Boilers,
  • Foundries and Metal Finishing Operations.


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