Centralized Vacuum Cleaners

Product Description :

Dynavac offers a Centralized Vacuum system as per industry guidelines. A Centralized Vacuum System can handle multiple operators who require vacuum cleaning or vacuum pickup on demand. The Central Vacuum Cleaning System Vacuum Clean is the ideal cleaning system for milling and other food processing plants. It simultaneously removes and collects dust and product residues at several different points in the production through a piping network. Dynavac® will customize this Vacuum System based on Client and his site requirements. Our R & D team will work with you to design the optimal system, which provides a safe working environment and it also eliminates micro dust recirculation completely. Every proposal is provided with the detailed drawing of the completed vacuum system layout.

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Three Phase Centralized vacuum cleaners have the blower and filtration unit located in a central location, and is connected by pipes to fixed vacuum inlets installed throughout the premises. Only the hose and cleaning accessories need be carried to different locations for cleaning. UPVC or metal piping connects the inlets to the central unit. The dirtbag or collection bin in a central vacuum system is usually large enough that emptying or changing need not be done very often. The central unit usually stays on standby and is turned on automatically only when required. A centralized vacuum system typically produces greater suction than common portable vacuum cleaners because a larger blower and more powerful motor can be used when it is not a portable system. A cyclonic separation system does not lose suction as the collection container fills up until the container is almost full. Three Phase Centralized vacuum cleaners offer higher cleaning because unlike a standard vacuum cleaner, which must blow some of the dirt collected back into the room being cleaned (no matter how efficient its filtration), a central vacuum system removes all the dirt collected to the central unit. Since this central unit is usually located outside the main area, no dust is re-circulated back into the room being cleaned. Another benefit of a centralized vacuum system is because the blower unit is located in a remote location, there is much less noise in the room being cleaned than with a standard vacuum cleaner.

Range of Industries

  • Food & cereals, foundries, ceramics, wood treatment, mechanical industries
  • Automobile Service Stations
  • Large Factory Floors
  • Textile Units
  • Clean Rooms
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Chemical Plants
  • Cement Plants

Centralized Vacuum Cleaning Systems are customized to meet customers’ facility requirements. Dynavac engineers carry out an engineering study with input from the end user regarding cleaning requirements and evacuation port locations. Dynavac will provide a technical and commercial proposal at the end of the engineering study. For further details, you can contact us at sales@dynavac.org

Factors to Consider :

  • Type of material
  • Quantity of material
  • Weight of material
  • Characteristics of material (i.e. sticky, wet, dry, etc.)
  • Particle size
  • Length of the piping system
  • Diameter of hoses
  • Length of hoses and type of accessories
  • Characteristics of the atmosphere (i.e. Explosive, outdoors, indoors etc.)
  • Number of operators
  • One Time Investment
  • Energy Conservation
  • Ease of Operation
  • Flexibility
  • Efficient Cleaning Mechanism
  • Less Noise

We are committed to helping you keep your Industrial Environment Clean and Safe.