Prime®Commercial Single Phase Vacuum Cleaners

Product Description :

Dynavac Prime series are light duty single-phase vacuum cleaners which are designed to pick up both wet and dry waste. It gives powerful suction with the low noise level. It was made up of with high-quality corrosion resistant stainless steel body, which offers superior strength, food grade and durability with tank capacity ranging from 30 liters to 70 liters. The Prime Series machines are versatile and come with a standard set of accessories for use in multiple cleaning applications.

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Hydra series are heavy duty wet & dry vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners are equipped with Ring/Regenerative blowers made of aluminium casting. These blowers create high vacuum and airflow to collect all kind of wet & dry dust. The dust is conveyed through flexible hose and it enters tangentially into the filtration drum through an elbow arrangement in which the velocity of heavier and wet particles are nullified and the same settles down in collection tank and the fine dusts are filtered by pleated filter bag. The dust which escapes from the filter bag is arrested by high quality cartridge filter. A collection tank is provided for collecting the dust which makes draining of dust easier.

ModelPower (KW)Maximum Vacuum (mm H2O)Airflow (m3/Hr)Collection Capacity (liters)Filter EfficiencyDimension LxBxH (m)Weight (Kg)
Prime I1.2220019030M0.4×0.4×0.78
Prime II2.0220035070M0.6×0.6×0.820
Prime III3.00220038070M0.6×0.6×0.822


  • Powerful silenced single phase Ametek® motor with auto thermal cut off
  • Wet & dry applications
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Professional closing hooks
  • Shock proof trolley
  • Cloth filter
  • Traceless wheels
  • 1 year warranty
  • 1.5 m hose for flexible cleaning
  • 4.5 m power cable

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