VCON Vacuum Loader

Product Description :

Vacuum Loaders are used to reducing labor and resin waste with self-contained, ready-to-install loading systems for pellets and regrind. VCON series loaders provide self-contained, vacuum transfer of plastic pellets and regrind over short distances using powerful Single-phase / Three-phase Vacuum motors. Standard models are made for flange mounting to existing bins or hoppers. Self-contained Vacuum Loaders are called by several names. They may be called Loaders, Pneumatic Conveyors, Hopper Loaders, Bin Loaders, Plastics Loaders, Pellet Loaders, Regrind Loaders, Powder Loaders or Motor Loaders.

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Vacuum Loaders are better suited to capture the following kinds of dust :

  • Aluminum Plant
  • Asbestos Dust
  • Boiler Ash Clean-Up
  • Brick & Block Plants
  • Cement Factory
  • Chemical Dump Sites
  • Coal Power Plant
  • Cogenerative Plant
  • Conveyor Spills
  • Dust Collector Clean Up
  • Sandblasting Facilities
  • Flour Mill
  • Fossil Fuel Plant
  • Hog Fuel Spill Clean-Up
  • Lead & Beryllium
  • Lead Recycling Plant
  • Metal Foundry
  • Mining Sites
  • Potash Mines
  • Pulp & Paper Mill
  • Railroad Spill Clean-Up
  • Rubber Carbon Black
  • Silica Sand
  • Stones & Tiles
  • Thermal Power Plant
  • Train Derailment Clean-Up
  • Grain Spill Clean-Up
  • Gypsum & Drywall And So much more!
Type of MaterialPlastic PelletPlastic Pellet / Powder MediumPlastic Pellet / Powder MediumPlastic Pellet / Powder MediumPlastic Pellet / Powder MediumPlastic Pellet / Powder Medium
Discharge Diameter(mm)405060606075
Machine Weight26 Kg30 KgM* – 24 Kg
CP* – 44 Kg
M* – 24 Kg
CP* – 44 Kg
M* – 32 Kg
CP* – 70 Kg
M* – 32 Kg
CP* – 88 Kg
Material of ConstructionPowder Coated Mild Steel / SS*Powder Coated Mild Steel / SS*Powder Coated Mild Steel / SS*Powder Coated Mild Steel / SS*Powder Coated Mild Steel / SS*Powder Coated Mild Steel / SS*
Voltage230 V415 V415 V415 V415 V415 V
Filter Area(m2)NANA1.
Filter TypeMesh FilterMesh FilterMesh FilterCartridge FilterCartridge FilterCartridge Filter
Filter Cleaning System Manual Manual Auto. Reverse Pulse-jet Auto. Reverse Pulse-jet Auto. Reverse Pulse-jet Auto. Reverse Pulse-jet
Compressed air Usage NA NA Min 3 Bar Min 3 Bar Min 3 Bar Min 3 Bar
  • Heavy duty powder coated Mild Steel Construction with safety latch provides easy access. (No Tools Required)
  • SS Mesh Filter of 530 microns separates the resin from the air in the receiver belly.
  • Intelligent Counter Balancing Mechanism to ensure continuous suction and discharge.
  • Reverse Pulse-jet system provides Continuous material Flow without Filter Choking.
  • Heavy-duty Pneumatic Butterfly valve, equipped on VCON MAX series Vacuum Loaders for leak-free discharge.
  • VCON MAX Vacuum Loader Series are supplied with a point level vibrating Fork, Rod Sensor for MAX level.
  • Cartridge filtering system has been added to separate powder of dusty materials from the air system.

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