Dust Collection System-Rubber Industry

Rubber Industry Dust Collection

Dust Collection System-Rubber Industry

Dynavac is a manufacturer of dust collectors,(Dust Collection System-Rubber Industry),  paint boothsblowers and industrial vacuum cleaners. Dynavac began operations at Coimbatore in 1989 and was the first industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturer in India. Dynavac machines are rugged in construction and built to provide reliable service for industrial cleaning and pollution control for dust, waste, raw material, and other pollutants. 

At Dynavac, we are committed to total customer satisfaction. We achieve this goal by providing effective solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers and immediate service when needed. Our network of service engineers around the country allows us to provide our customers with unmatched service. We strive to respond to requests for service within 24 hours. 

We are committed to helping you keep your industrial environment clean and safe. In addition to our expansive range of standard industrial cleaning and pollution control equipment, we offer custom vacuum equipment to meet your specific needs. We custom design multi point suction capable centralized vacuum cleaning solutions, reusable material recovery systems, vacuum tables and more. 

If you are looking for a blower manufacturer, paint booth manufacturer, industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturer or dust collector manufacturer, Dynavac offers the products and services you need. Our team has a passion for excellence and a commitment to hard work. We offer more than just equipment; we provide solutions to help our customers increase profitability and productivity, while maintaining a safe and clean industrial environment.

Dust Collector

Rubber Industry Dust Collection


Our Customer is a manufacturer of technically specified rubbers under wet process using field coagulum, cup lumps, and un-smoked rubber sheets. The rubber grades that they mainly produce are TSR 10 & 20. During the manufacturing of rubber in their K4 Intermix, carbon powder starts flying from the intermix and makes the environment smoky and dusty. The dust is a very fine powder having micron size of fewer than 10 microns. The quantity of dust generated per hour is up to 3 kg.


We recommended to our customer to use Dynavac® dust collector model DCLF7PJF4 to capture the carbon dust arising from the K4 intermix. Since the dust is very fine, we recommended a dust collection system with a large filtration area, so the filtration area is sufficiently large to capture all the fly dust. After installation of our machine in their factory, our dust collector system collects the flying dust from the K4 intermix chamber. Now their workers are working in a better dust-free environment.

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Dust Collection System for Electrical Conductor Plant


Dust is being generated at 3 different location of the plant by various manufacturing processes such as cutting, grinding, buffing, soldering etc. There are a total of 27 different processing machines which are producing the dust. The total dust being generated across all the machines on a daily basis is 10 Kg

  1. 13 numbers of machines should be connected to one dust collector.
  2. 8 number of machine should be connected to one dust collector.
  3. 6 number of machines to be connected with one dust collector.
  4. Anticipated dust quantity of all the machine is approximately 10 kg per day.


After detailed discussions with the customer, it was decided that we would supply 3 different dust collector systems for each of the 3 location at the manufacturing plant where dust was being generated.

Dust collector system modelDC3SQPJC2 was supplied for the first location and connected to 6 processing machines.

Dust collector system model DC5LFPJF4 was supplied for the first location and connected to 8 processing machines.

Dust collector system model DC7LFPJF4 was supplied for the first location and connected to 13 processing machines.

Dust Collection System for WoodProcessing Plant


Wood dust being generated during carpentry operations at a wood processing plant affecting the atmosphere in the plant and the health of workers. As the customer does not necessarily operate all wood processing machines at the same time, individual wood dust collectors are required for each wood working machine.


Dynavac® has provided 4 wood dust extraction systems (model no. DCW5F2). Each of these wood dust collecter systems are connected tothe wood processing machines with 3 ducts, each duct having a diameter of 100 mm.

We also provided another wood dust collector DCW10F4, to connect to another wood working machine. Here too 3 ducts are connected from the dust extraction system to the wood processing machine, however the duct diameter is 150 mm.

All the dust collection systems are connected to the wood processing machine through Polyurethane (PU) duct hoses.

Dust Collection System for Coffee Packing Plant


Instant coffee powder fly dust being generated during filling operation at 4 different points in the coffee packing machine. 5 Kg of fine instant coffee fly dust being generated per day which needs to be captured.


We have provided a large filteration dust collection system (model DC7LFPJF9BS) with inbuilt baffle separator. Four canopy hoods are placed in the different parts of the packing machine where the fly dust is being generated. The hoods are connected to the dust extraction system through ducts.