ATEX certified Flame Proof Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Chemical Industry Vaccum Cleaner

ATEX certified Flame Proof Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

What is ATEX and why to choose an ATEX explosion-proof industrial vacuum?

What is ATEX?
 ATEX is an acronym/abbreviation for “Atmosphères Explosibles”. The set of ATEX Directives and Standards is the EEC reference for protection against the danger of explosion in the presence of flammable gas and/or dust. The explosive atmosphere can contain flammable gases, mists or vapors, or combustible dust. If there is a sufficient concentration of these substances, mixed with air, an ignition source can cause an explosion.


  •      Heavy duty – continuous operation
  •      Large volume waste storage tank
  •      Design developed so they can be attached to process machines or for general cleanup
  •      Continuous duty 3-phase flame proof motor (EX-D Class, Zone 1A-2A)
  •      Dry and Wet & Dry use depending on the model
  •      Stainless steel construction (Optional)
  •      Unit has a small footprint and can be easily maneuvered
  •      Flameproof push button starter (FCG)
  •      Fire resistant polyfab cable
  •      Fire resistant polyfab cable


Our customer is the largest manufacturer of starch and starch derivatives with more than 35 products like maize starch powder, Liquid Glucose, Dextrose syrup etc. in India. Our customer was facing the problem of starch powder spillage all over the shop floor. Presently they were cleaning the shop floor using sweeping broom which generated smoke that affects the workers nearby. So our customer asked Dynavac® to suggest a machine, with the non-flammable motor because the dust is explosive in nature too.


We suggested an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with ATEX Certified flame proof motor. The filter we used in this machine was a HEPA filter, which was required to collect the very fine starch dust from the floor and keep their working environment neat and tidy.  HEPA filter has the capability to capture very minute dust particles.

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