Portable Dust Collector with Downdraft Table for Aluminium Casting Industry

Dust Collector with Downdraft Table for Aluminium Casting Industry 1


The customer asked Dynavac® to provide a solution to capture aluminium fly dust from their linishing machines. During linishing, very fine aluminium dust was generated and settled all over the work area creating quality problems for the customer.

The linishing equipment being used were two belt grinding machines.


After observation and sampling, Dynavac® concluded that the  dust quantity generated in 1×8 hour shift was approximately 2 Kg. We decided that one portable dust collector would be sufficient to collect this quantity of dust. The model DC SQ 3 PJ C4 was chosen. Now, how do we capture the dust at the source? After studying the belt grinding activity and mapping the dust spray, we decided that providing a down draft table would work best. We custom designed a downdraft table with the size 3 x 1 x 2.1 (L x B x H) in Meters for this specific activity.

Botht the grinding machines were placed on the downdraft table. The downdraft table was in turn attached to the portable dust collector. This dust collector had 4 x cartridge filters built into it to capture the aluminium dust collected via the downdraft table. It is also equipped with an online filter cleaning mechanism using compressed air so there will be no stoppage during production.