Dynavac® Hydra series Industrial vacuum cleaners are heavy duty vacuum cleaners. It runs on three-phase electricity. It was made by strong corrosion resistant body and it is powered by heavy duty single stage blowers manufactured by Dynavac with the copper winding. Dynavac Hydra Series Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are also available in Stainless steel construction to make it suitable for collecting reusable food particles, Corrosive dusts, etc.In addition, all models have a standard waterproof epoxy coating on the interior of the collection tank.

Our wet and dry vacuum cleaner have very high suction power which makes it fit for any tough cleaning. It can suck both wet& dry dirt, brick chips, stone chips, nails, and other heavier material also. These machines can be used to pick up both dry and liquid waste. The pleated dust bag and the cartridge filters make sure that the dust captured is filtered to the maximum extent and ensure cleaner exhaust.

These Dynavac®Hydra Series Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are available in a range starting from 1 HP to 10 HP and designed to run 24/7 hours operation and can handle the most difficult of cleaning jobs.


  • HEPA Filter (H14) / Liquid Sensor / Drain Valve / Stainless and Flame-proof models