Portable Dust Collectors

Product Description :

Portable dust collectors are one of the simplest and cheapest dust collector manufactured by Dynavac which is specially made for simple and non-complicated process. It helps the customer to solve their dust emitting issues in a cheaper and effective way.The system consists of high quality dust bags for filtration and uses ducts and hoses for conveying the dust captured by the pick-up hoods. The perfectly designed impeller and silencer makes the system vibration less and sound less.The compact design of the machine less than 2 sq.meter area so that it can be placed next to the processing machine without occupying more area. Thanks for Dynavac’s professional designers for the well-designed Centrifugal blowers which gives a high vacuum and air flow.

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The airborne particulates are removed from the worker’s breathing zone by capturing hoods. The dust filled air enters through the intake of the portable dust collector system. The air with dust is then filtered through the cartridges, and exits as clean air, which can be recirculated into the factory. Pulse jet cleaning systems are available as an option for portable dust collectors. This is essentially an automatic cleaning system, using the compressed air that is blown through the filter in the reverse direction and dislodges caked dust from the filter. this self-cleaning system maintains the unit’s performance without excessive human intervention.

Portable dust collection systems are suitable for most types of dust and air contaminants ranging from large amounts of coarse dust and chips to medium amounts of mixed dust with large shavings or even lighter amounts of fine dust.

  • For any portable or stationary applications
  • For applications where smaller quantities of dust are produced
  • Buffing
  • Sanding
  • Grinding
  • Welding
  • Powder mixing

Indoor Dust Collectors with manual filter cleaning

ModelPower (KW)Air flow(m3/Hr)Filter Surface Area (m2)Dimension LxBxH(m)
  • Compact design
  • Low maintenance
  • Powder coated
  • Versatile/mobile
  • High Efficiency
  • Large casters for ease of movement
  • Flexible mounted articulated arm for maximum flexibility (optional)
  • Online cleaning reverse pulse jetsystem (optional)

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